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Thickness 2.10 - Size 1050 x 780 - PAK 1
Technical details
Across / Width 1050
Around / Tension 780
Blanket Thickness 2.1
Ply Number Thickness 2.10
Application SHEETFED
Description The Folacomp is a self-adhesive version of the standard compressible underpacking, the offers a wide range of thicknesses of underpacking containing.
With the main goal of satisfying you, Trelleborg has developed with its partners a delivery service focusing on reliability, safety and of course, deadlines.
Our standard blankets selection is available in 48h. However, the delivery time will be confirmed in the confirmation order.
Trelleborg offers a 24H selection of blankets.
Our delivery time for underpacking and chemical products will be confirmed on your confirmation order.