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 The world of Trelleborg Printing Solutions

With over 50 years of experience in the printing industry,  8 manufacturing sites in Europe, China, North and South America, an international team and a head office located in Lodi Vecchio  in Italy, Trelleborg Printing  Solutions is a leading global manufacturer, proposing high performance and optimal solutions for offset printing, flexo printing,  tissue and textile applications. The groups is recognized for its well-know brands Vulcan®, Rollin®, Printec® and Axcyl®, offering a large range of competitive products, solutions and services that meet customers needs and requirements for all types of printing applications and for the tissue and textile manufacturing  processes.
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Core values

In a global Group such as Trelleborg, characterized by individual and cultural diversity, our system of shared values is particularly important. Our core values – customer focus, performance, innovation and responsibility – are long-term commitments, which, when coupled with the business concept, goals and strategies guide us in making decisions and conducting business. The values make Trelleborg unique compared with our competitors. We are proud to be different.

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Innovation and Sustainability

Just as people have discovered new ways of communicating, printers too face a growing array of ways to transfer ink on to a substrate. Well, we won’t tell you whether to tweet or blog, but we do provide innovative solutions to successfully achieve quality printing in the offset, flexographic and digital arenas.
Trelleborg is a leading player in the printing market, with a network of highly experienced distributors ensuring local service and support in more than 60 countries. Our manufacturing plants can be found across the world, including in Brazil, China, France, Italy and the US.

We constantly work to improve our manufacturing processes and finished products to provide the most environmentally-friendly solutions possible. This commitment has been reinforced through the introduction of the new solvent-free roller head line, an important sustainable initiative that improves the printing process. This new product line not only improves our production speed and product quality, but is also solvent-free, meaning a much more environmentally-friendly solution. At Trelleborg we provide solutions which help customers to accelerate performance in a sustainable way.